Cape Town Redux

Day 83 – Sailing the Indian Ocean – Find Insignia on CruiseMapper

Long-time Partout followers may remember that Louis and Doris first visited Cape Town, South Africa, after we very nearly overstayed our visa in Europe and needed to knock around for three weeks somewhere outside Europe’s Schengen Zone. We chose Cape Town.

Never did we imagine ever returning to the oh-so-far-from-home Mother City, much less returning to it via a round-the-world cruise ship. It was most certainly beyond imagining that we would return under quarantine with our meals arriving three times a day via special delivery.

But life is what happens when you are busy making other plans, and all’s well that ends well, to mingle some maxims. Neither of us felt much more than cold symptoms during our covid lockdown, and we were liberated from quarantine with two days left in the ship’s stop in Cape Town (queue the applause track).

Since we could not begin to experience in two days what we did on our three-week visit, we are foregoing a fresh Partout from Cape Town and instead inviting you to return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear (2018) when Partout published a magnificently illustrated (tip of the cap to Louis) roundup.

Click here to visit When in Cape Town, complete with penguins, of course. Below is the view as we waved goodbye to the city from the ocean. We have stopped imagining we won’t return again.

Postscript Post-Cape Town

From Cape Town, we sailed to Mosel Bay, the western gateway to South Africa’s fabled Garden Route. In addition to its setting and a few historical distinctions, Mosel Bay is the oldest known site of organized Homo sapiens behavior. Scientific American a few years ago published a fascinating report on the pivotal role of the bay’s Pinnacle Man community in saving humanity from extinction. Who knew?! Active archaeology is underway, but no tourism is built around it yet. Another can’t-miss destination in the making?

Another Question Answered

Two lifestyle questions:

Rose wrote, “Please tell me they have karaoke night and that Louis is participating.”

This a suggestion only someone who has a wicked sense of humor or who has never heard Louis sing could make. Either way, yes, Rose, there is an occasional karaoke night. And, no!!! Louis has not participated … thank heavens!

Rick asked, “Not that it would appeal to you, but does the ship have a casino?”

My baby brother knows me well. Yes, there is a casino and, no, it is not my cuppa. However, after a recon mission, I can report there are 30-something slot machines, three blackjack tables, one poker table and one craps table. All are strategically wedged between the ship’s main bar and its only ATM. The single most astonishing thing about the whole setup is that the ATM dispenses up to $3,000 in cash at one go. I believe gambling is the only activity on the cruise that cannot be posted to one’s ship account.

Coming Soon (AT LAST!)

Fitness Afloat

3 Months Down, 3 to Go

Where’s Snowy?

Where’s Snowy, besides goofing off in the fabulous Exclusive Books bookstore in Cape Town’s V&A mall where Louis and Milou were astounded to find a complete boxed set of Tintin books? (No, we are not hauling the set back to America.) Louis maintains this one is impossible. What say you?

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