Feliz Boas Joyeux

As Christmas night draws to a close in Paris, we send you a few of our favorite scenes as captured by Louis’s lens this holiday season on the road.

Though Christmas trees were being decked and Christmas songs (mostly American) were being blasted in Spain by Thanksgiving back home, it was only in Lisboa in December that the lights came on. And shiny and bright they were.

Lisboa - Baxia
Street artist under the lights in Lisboa
Lisboa - sardines
Lighting above the fantastic world of Portuguese sardines
Lisbon - king's cake
Seasonal king’s and queen’s cakes 

In Prague, it was not just the markets that were festive.

At the Church of the Infant Jesus of Prague (the same church with the robes and crowns of the baby Jesus), a collection of crèches was on display. The one below was prominently labeled CANADA because … what says Canadian Christmas more than shepherds at an igloo?
Prague - Eskimos
Store windows everywhere held eye candy.

In Prague
Paris windows
In Paris

Trees abounded, for sale and just for show.


At city hall (top), on the sidewalks, in department stores.

It could be hard to make our way through the marchés with so much beautiful food competing for Louis’s attention – the fruit platters (top), the joyeux fowl, the seafood.

Somehow “happy holidays” from a dead bird seems to miss the mark but it’s memorable


Louis believes there is no such thing as too many oysters (or oyster pictures)

All were photographed with pleasure and are sent to you today with warmest wishes and good cheer.

That would be the view from our bed.

Coming soon: Louis: Artist or Outlaw?


Paris - Hanakuh
A sharp eye and long lens could find reminders that Christmas is not the only holiday of the season




9 thoughts on “Feliz Boas Joyeux

  1. Love the CANADA creche and wishes from a dead bird. Merry back from Tom, Arnica & me at the Arcata airport. Very sweet visit with Per (and my brother)


  2. And a hearty approach to all things new & old in the New Year approaching.

    We are en route south to Charleston for a few days with friends. And then onto St. Simons Island to be with Fred’s folks for New Years!

    Sending you both greetings from the US of A!! Hugs!

    Amey & Fred

    Sent from my iPhone



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