At Sea in Patagonia

Day 30 – In the Chilean Fjords – Find Insignia on CruiseMapper

Nearly two days into the fjords of southern Chile, we have photos! And internet! Winning combo! While it lasts!

If we were as organized as our packing suggested, we would be opening this post with the dazzling sunrise that dawned as we steered into the fjords yesterday but, uh, we forgot the cameras and just gazed. Fortunately, the sunshine hung around long enough to give us this daybreak view. 

We expected Chile’s fjords to be sheer mountainsides falling narrow waterways, but the seascape has been mostly wider than that and vastly more littered with islands and outcroppings, an archipelago as remote as they come.

Some of the mountainsides are flocked with dark green foliage but others are bare stone, witnesses to the power of ice and wind.

We saw many slopes streaked with white lines we first thought were waterfalls but now suspect are slender remains of glaciers that once looked more like this one.

The glacial star of today’s sail was the Amalia Glacier in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, an expanse of ice that trails all the way to the water’s edge. The closer we drew, the bluer was the glacial ice containing the most oxygen.

Summer days inside the fjords are long, the waters relatively calm, the transit smooth. From the looks of this sight off our stateroom railing today, the conditions are not always so favorable nor the travel so failsafe.

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Check-in: 1 Month Down, 5 to Go 

6 thoughts on “At Sea in Patagonia

  1. Your trip is amazing so far! These fjords look so desolate, but kind of serene. I’m loving the vicarious travel!


    div>We’ve booked a three week trip to Italy


  2. One of my favourite memories of the Chilean fiords was seeing the calving of part of an ice field. The second memory was of the captain, after the water had calmed down, sending crew on a Zodiac to gather ice from the calving for our evening drinks. You trip sounds wonderful and you are great story tellers. Chas


  3. Gorgeous! I had no idea. Coincidentally Robin and I were just talking about their March trip to Patagonia so I’ve been perusing tours and trips to exactly where you are now. Because now I really want to go!


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