Fruit Riot!

Day 19 – Pretending we are not in Callao, Peru

How appropriate it was that as we steamed down the coast of Peru yesterday, unable to dock because of the country’s current disorder, a riot of fruit was breaking out in Insignia’s main dining room. Let’s call this guy the ringleader.

You’ve been asking for more photos and a food report? Consider this your two-for-one flash special, an unplanned Partout we could not resist sending you just because the visuals were so very … visual.

For World Cruisers Only

The occasion was a “private brunch” (for us and almost 400 of our new closest friends who are sharing the ship for 180 days). Under the direction of our French chef, the kitchen staff spent three days carving, molding, slivering and otherwise torturing fruits, breads, vegetables and other edibles into strange, amusing and delicious shapes and dishes. The menu looked something like this.

Supporting Fruit

Pineapples with a twist.

A Bread Course

Absolutely no calories here!

Some Main Courses

Ahi sashimi fresh from the ahi fresh from the sea
Salmon en croute carved to order

A Salad Course 

Following the main course, of course, since this IS still being consumed at the de Guise table. The bouquet in the center? Created from daikon radishes curled into flower petals.

A Dessert Course

These may not have been edible, but they were definitely sweet.

And who knew dragon fruit could be sliced so thin?

The Culinary Maestro

Are we surprised he hails from France? Louis has chatted him up so much that whenever he lays eyes on Doris, he starts speaking French.

The Music

The most subdued aspect of the whole brunch.

Another Question Answered

To keep questions from languishing unanswered, Partout will try to answer one open question at the end of each new blog until we run out of either questions or answers.

Sylke asked, “Does each dining room come with its own music theme playing in the background matching the individual signature china pattern?”

Not quite but close, Sylke.

For the purposes of musical entertainment, the ship is divided into areas and times of day, according to a ship executive we cornered for the answer.

Each zone has its own playlist of recorded music, built and updated by the musical worker bees in Oceania’s Miami headquarters. The Grand Dining room, where the buffet was served, is typically programmed for mainstream music (translation: elevator). The steak house gets Frank Sinatra, the Italian restaurant gets Big Night. The pool/workout decks get soothing music first thing in the morning, peppier music later in the day. Etc.

There are also several live instrumental groups. These have regular venues (e.g., the string quartet plays for high tea, the jazz band for happy hour, etc.), and they also get deployed to events like the fruit riot.

Still Coming Soon!

Seduced in Guayaquil

12 thoughts on “Fruit Riot!

  1. Okay, here’s my question. What are the people like whom you’ve met on the cruise? I’m sure there are some great fellow passengers, but are there any that you’re already thinking … I have to see this person regularly for the next 5 and a half months? This is no short cruise. Just wondering about that aspect of being on a boat with the same people for that long.


  2. Oh my. Oh my. All that goodness would be mightily difficult to resist. Is the gym as impressive as the menu? Do they have fitness classes? More than a few days of indulgence like this would have me bursting out of my expandable pants! Looks like great fun, though!!! ❀️


  3. I was watching the beautiful food pictures just before cooking dinner. The appetite was bigger than ever as long as I could skip the first picture of my mind.
    What a creative chef! Time to practice your French Doris.


    1. Technically, it was a technical stop for fuel and supplies with passengers confined to ship. Ultimately, port authorities allowed passengers to wander a few feet onto the dock to briefly shop with the local craftspeople who had set up stalls there.


  4. Amazing! Who knew we would all get to enjoy this so much?

    At some point, will you tell us about fashion? As one who always dresses for comfort, never style, and has just gaped at White Lotus, I am so curious about what everyone is sporting.


  5. Hi Sisty,
    Not that it would appeal to you, but does the ship have a casino? Gambling was the only thing that kept us sane during long line periods!


  6. Amazing artistry with food. Thanks for sharing the photos. Will you be able to make a stop in the Galapagos? Guayaquil is so close.


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