Happy New Year – and Away We Go!

Happy new year and welcome back to Partout with Louis and Doris just in time to share our 2023 New Year’s resolution: around the world in 180 days!

The When, Where and How
Yes, fellow travelers and fans of travel (and our travel blog), after nearly three years on the pandemic leash, we set off two weeks from today to circumnavigate the globe a la Ferdinand Magellan – by sea. For six full months after we steam from the Port of San Francisco on January 15, our home will be a ship named Insignia and the 215 square feet of Deck 6 that are all our own.

Our host is Oceania Cruises. Our destinations: 95 ports, 41 countries, 4 continents (plus an Antarctic drive-by), innumerable UNESCO World Heritage sites and countless calories.  

And, no, we are not veteran cruisers. This is our first cruise ever. Baptism by fire, anyone?

Here is our routing (minus Russia and China, which got scratched and replaced with Brunei, the Philippines and Taiwan): 

The Why
That’s the who, what, when, where and how. The why mostly comes down to twin truths: we love seeing the world, and our window of opportunity to see it is not getting any bigger. If the brevity of life is a warning to eat dessert first, going around the world in 180 days was the biggest and bestest dessert we could imagine. 

More questions than answers? We share your curiosity! If you post your queries to the comment function, we will do our best to let you know the answers as we steam around the world. (It’s probably more accurate to say “as we diesel around the world,” but that just doesn’t have the same ring as “steam.”) 

Until then: 14 days and counting.

In our next (and last) blog from land, we will answer the first question everyone asks when we mention our voyage: How (and what) in the world do we pack for six months besides ourselves? 

15 thoughts on “Happy New Year – and Away We Go!

  1. Wow!!! I’m so excited for you!!!! I wish for you beautiful scenery, wonderful new friendships and a new perspective. And of course lots of love and joy and fun! Love you dearly ❤️❤️❤️ Kelly

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  2. Thank you for your report. All sounds good. Anchors aweigh and bon voyage. What is that cocoon you are crawling out of, Doris. Great haircut. ANd Louis, great photo. From the hood, Cairn


    1. That is a military bag Louis picked up covering the war in Afghanistan. It is an indication of how much gear a soldier hauls that I fit into it. It was the perfect thing for the bulky clothes we need for Antarctica.


  3. WoW…bravo à vous pour cette aventure d’une vie (dans votre cas, c’est plus d’une vie d’aventures que vous vous et nous offrez.) Bien hâte de vous suivre. Have fun both of you !!

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  4. Doris and Louis! Have a fantastic voyage– and I hope it provides ideas for future trips as well as pleasures on this one! Megan


  5. Bon voyage. C’est merveilleux. Temper your eating and drinking and get your rest. The world is beautiful. There are some wonderful natural and historical sights on your trip. Looking forward to your storeis and photos.

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  6. Ooh Doris and Louis,
    First of all a happy new year to you too.
    And thanks for counting us in for your ChezLouisDoris.
    We cannot wait to read your stories about this adventure and to enjoy your beautiful writing Doris!
    We count down with you.
    Annet & Herman

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