Introducing Partout with Louis & Doris

Partout is French for “all over the place.” Anyone who knows either or both Doris and Louis knows we are always pretty partout and getting more so by the day.

Doris’s co-workers looked into the future and sent her into retirement with this Kate Spade scarf.

In Partout with Louis and Doris, we can let you know where we are faster and more graphically (yes, that means getting more of Louis’s great photos), and you can keep up with us by merely opening an email. We started putting Partout together in Groningen, the Netherlands, while spending three delicious weeks of family time there with Carole, Greg and Abby Fuller. We are launching the blog from Seville, Spain, where we miss the kids but welcome the sunshine.

From here on, we are all over the place until spring 2018. This is a sneak peek at what lies ahead:

  • November – the Netherlands and Spain
  • December – the 3 P’s (Portugal, Prague and Paris)
  • January – the Netherlands, UAE, Oman, Zanzibar
  • February – Tanzania, Kenya, Sicily
  • March – the Netherlands and home

Fasten your seat belts and please come along for the ride. All it takes is clicking “Follow” and filling in your email address or watching Facebook for new posts.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Partout with Louis & Doris

  1. Merci! We will enjoy your adventures vicariously. Meanwhile, here are some restaurants we really liked in Prague (not that you need OUR recommendations): Lucky Luciano, La Piccola Perla, and Pasta Fresca (all Italian), Clear Head (vegetarian) and Choco Cafe.


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